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  • Over 11,000 trading Instruments
  • Over 5,000 shares and ETFs
  • Treasuries trading
  • Forex and CFD trading
  • Shares and ETFs available
  • Bonds, commodities, and crypto trading
  • No mutual funds, options, or futures trading


CMC Markets, is a UK forex and CFD broker that was founded in 1989 and has over 80,000 clients worldwide. CMC markets is also regulated by top-tier financial authorities like FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. With over 11,000 trading instruments, CMC Markets beats a lot of other brokers in the number of products.

Trading Products

CMC Markets provides a variety of trading instruments with more than 11,000 instruments including 5,000 shares and ETFs only. It also has currency pairs, CFDs, bonds, commodities, and cryptocurrencies for trading.

As an extra, CMC Markets also offers Treasuries for trading. The treasuries market includes government debt instruments such as gilts, bunds, bonds and treasury notes. There are over 45 treasury CFDs from across the globe, including both cash and forward products.


CMC Markets has about 341 currency pairs including pairs like EUR/ USD, GBP/ USD, and more.


CMC Markets has about 89 indices including instruments like Germany 30, US 30 Cash, and more.

Forex Indices

CMC Markets has about 12 forex indices including instruments like CAD AUD, CMC CAD, and more.


CMC Markets has about 127 commodities\including instruments like Natural Gas, Copper, Platinum, and more.


CMC Markets has about 8,000 shares including shares like 3i Group, 3M, and more.

Share Baskets

CMC Markets has about 34 share baskets including shares like 5G, Automation and Robotics, and more.


CMC Markets has about 1,000 ETFs including shares like 3D Printing, and more.


CMC Markets has about 63 Treasuries including instruments like Euro Bund, and more.


CMC Markets has about 14 cryptocurrency options including cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Disclaimer: CFDs have a high risk of losing money rapidly. 79% of retail investor accounts lose money due to leverage when trading CFDs with this provider. CFDs are not complying with the islamic religion. And if you want to trade in CFDs you should consider a swap-free account to follow islamic rules.

Learn more about CFDs for muslims.

CMC Markets Offering of Investments


CMC Markets

Currency Pairs

Over 300


Over 60




Over 90

Bond CFDs


ETFs and shares

Over 9000


45 treasury CFDs




FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority bans crypto trading for the UK retail customers from 6th of Jan 2021.


  1. Does CMC Markets allow bot trading?
  • Yes, it does.
  1. Does CMC Markets allow scalping and hedging?
  • Yes, it does allow scalping and hedging.


  1. Is my money products with CMC Markets?
  • Under our FCA obligations we comply with Client Assets (CASS) rules to ensure all client funds are protected. As such, we distinguish your money from our own and hold it in separate bank accounts.
  1. When trading forex, will you lose more than your initial deposit?
  • Both our MetaTrader 4 and CMC Markets platforms are set to automatically close your positions when your margin requirement reaches 100% (stop out level).
  • Please note that this process is automated and is not a guarantee that your account will not enter into a negative equity situation and you should keep a balance amount in your account above your required margin.

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