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  • Forex and CFD trading
  • Commodities and stocks trading
  • Cryptotrading
  • Social trading
  • No ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options and futures trading


‘First Prudential Markets’ or ‘FP Markets’ for simplicity is an Australian forex and CFD Broker that has a long tracking record from 2005 with the largest trading options and lowest fees.

Trading Products

FP Markets provides over 15,000 trading instruments like forex and CFDs. There are also options to trade with commodities and cryptocurrencies. From these 15,000 products, there are around 15,000 stock CFD options and 30 currency pairs.

On the other hand, FP Markets does not provide mutual funds, bods, or even ETFs for trading which is disappointing.

Disclaimer: CFDs have a high risk of losing money rapidly. 79% of retail investor accounts lose money due to leverage when trading CFDs with this provider. CFDs are not complying with the islamic religion. And if you want to trade in CFDs you should consider a swap-free account to follow islamic rules.

Learn more about CFDs for muslims.

FP Markets Offering of Investments


FP Markets

Currency Pairs


Stock CFDs


Mutual funds


Commodity CFDs




Real stocks







FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority bans crypto trading for the UK retail customers from 6th of Jan 2021.

Social Trading

FP Markets’ main advantage is that it allows social trading on its platform. That means that you can follow top traders and copy trades from them at any time without any trading experience while you have your coffee and watching TV.


    1. Does FP Markets allow bot trading?
  • Yes, it does.
    1. Does FP Markets give a bonus?
  • Unfortunately, FP Markets does not offer bonuses on trading accounts.
    1. Does FP Markets allow scalping?
  • Yes, FP Markets does allow scalping and hedging.
    1. Where is my money held?
  • Client funds are held with a AAA rated bank such as National Australia Bank or Commonwealth Bank of Australia. All client funds are held in segregated accounts.
    1. Does FP Markets accept payments from third parties?
  • FP Markets does not accept payments from third parties and will only accept funds that we receive directly from the named trading account holder.


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