Delete Interactive Brokers Account | End Your Interactive Brokers Journey

In some cases, you may want to close your Interactive Brokers account. This can happen because one or more of the following points:

  • You’re not able to trade anymore
  • You find that the Interactive Brokers broker is not suitable for you after some time trading.
  • You don’t want to be charged with inactivity fees and have no intention to come back.

For these reasons and more, Interactive Brokers provides an option to delete your account permanently.


Interactive Brokers does charge $10 as an inactivity fee for traders who are not active for a month. A $10 for IBKR Pro accounts which generate no commissions is charged as an inactivity fee (USD 20.00 if the account equity is USD 2,000 or below, and USD 10.00 if the account equity is above USD 2,000)

Steps to Delete Your Account

  1. To delete your account properly you should firstly withdraw your money in the account.


The following table shows the withdrawal options from Interactive Brokers Broker along with their fees.

Interactive Brokers withdrawal methods and fees


Interactive Brokers

Bank Transfers


Credit cards


Electronic wallet



(every month)

Interactive Brokers offers a free withdrawal at the beginning of each month with $0 fees. The subsequent withdrawals have fees according to the base currency of your account and the method you use for withdrawals

The withdrawal process takes 1 business day in the best-case scenario except for the bank transfers which may take several business days.

  1. The next step will be to log in to Account Management and select Manage Account > Settings > Close Account.
  2. Specify the reason you are closing your account by clicking the appropriate checkboxes.
  3. Click submit.


Please note that you need to close all the open positions in your account


Please note that the demo account is deleted automatically after a specific period of time, but you need to close your live account if you want to be not charged any inactivity fees.

تعليق واحد

  • عادة تواجه صاحبات الشعر الكيرلي صعوبة في السيطرة على شعرها وتموجاته، حيث هناك العديد من العوامل الخارجية التي تؤثر على مظهر الشعر الكيرلي وتعرضه للهيشان واستخدام منتجات للشعر الكيرلي لا تمنحك المظهر التي تفضليه.

    لذلك أنت بحاجة لاستخدام منتجات للعناية بالشعر الكيرلي من أي هيرب، وسوف نوضح لكي من خلال مقالنا افضل منتجات أي هيرب للشعر، وأهم النصائح التي عليكي معرفتها قبل استخدام هذه المنتجات فلا تفوتي قراءة هذا التقرير.

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