FP Markets Affiliate | Become a Partner and Make Money

What is an affiliate? And how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing, in which a company or a person advertises some business by redirecting its users to this business. In our case, the business is the FP Markets broker, and the company or the person puts unique referral links to the broker website and gets revenues from each successful one.

Introduction about FP Markets

‘First Prudential Markets’ or ‘FP Markets’ for simplicity is an Australian forex and CFD Broker that has a long tracking record from 2005 with the largest trading options and lowest fees.

Why to choose the FP Markets affiliate partner program?

  • Over 10,000 instruments
  • Regulated by top-tier regulators
  • Good research tools
  • No non-trading fees

What you will gain by joining FP Markets Partner Program

By joining the FP Markets Affiliate Program you’re eligible to get:

  • Up to $800 CPA for affiliates
  • Great custom deals
  • 24 hour support from Mon – Fri
  • Transparent reporting
  • Multi-tier affiliate
  • IB & Affiliate portals

Receive your rewards

You can receive your rewards using the FP Markets bank transfers with the lowest fees because of its partnerships with banks and the ability to add or remove funds without affecting the trading activities you have in your account.

How does it work?

In order to get your rewards, you should follow these steps:

  1. Place the affiliate link on your website
  2. Make users click the affiliate link on the banner or the ad to go the Website of FP Markets
  3. Users should register on the platform and start trading
  4. Earn CPA/ commissions for your affiliates

Who can join the FP Markets affiliate partner program?

You can join the FP Markets affiliate partner program if:

  • You’re an experienced trader

You can earn from your recommendations by telling your colleagues, friends, and students about the opportunities afforded by trading and investing in Forex with FP Markets.

  • You have an online following

If you have popular social media groups, blogs about trading, or a YouTube channel, share information about FP Markets’s special offers and earn from doing so.

  • You have your own website

By posting an advertising banner about FP Markets’s services you can get a reward for each client referred.

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