TradeStation Global Fees and Commissions Revealed



  • Low spreads and commissions
  • Low non-trading fees
  • No inactivity fee
  • High mutual-fund fees


With the TradeStation Global broker you can invest online in a multitude of different financial instruments such as Forex. CFDs, cryptos, options and futures..

This company, which has more than 15 years of experience in the sector, stands out for offering a professional and transparent service . The TradeStation Global group has a presence in a lot of countries and has various regulations, for example it is regulated by the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

But, what is the cost of their services? Like other online brokers, TradeStation Global applies a series of fees, which represent their fees. If you want to know what are the most significant commissions for trading in Forex, and CFDs with this online broker, whether you are a client belong to the Latin American area, we invite you to read this article:

TradeStation Global fees may vary from account type to another. Please read the following sections for more information.


TSG commissions differs according to the trading product as the following:

  • CFDs

When trading CFDs, TSG charges a commission of USD 1.50 on US CFDs. The value of commissions differs from a product to another as the following table shows.

CFDs – Commissions



Order Type

Fee Per Trade Value

US 500

0.0075% per trade fee

Minimum Per Order

USD 1.50

US 30

0.0075% per trade fee

Minimum Per Order

USD 1.50

US Tech 100

0.015% per trade fee

Minimum Per Order

USD 1.50

  • Stocks

TSG charges a commission of USD 0.007 per Share when trading stocks with a minimum per order of USD 1.5 on US Stocks, ETFs, ETPs and Warrants

  • Options

Options has a commission of USD 1.50 per contract on US Equity options.

  • Futures

Futures have a commission of USD 1.70 per contract.

  • Bonds

Bands have a commission of USD15 pbs with a Minimum Per Order of USD 1.50.

  • Mutual Funds

Mutual funds on TSG have a transaction fee commission of USD 25.00

Trading Fees


The spread of trading EUR/ USD on TSG is 1.3 pips per lot.

Disclaimer: CFDs have a high risk of losing money rapidly. 79% of retail investor accounts lose money due to leverage when trading CFDs with this provider. CFDs are not complying with the islamic religion. And if you want to trade in CFDs you should consider a swap-free account to follow islamic rules. Learn more about CFDs for muslims.

Non-Trading Fees

  • Account fee: $0
  • Inactivity fee: $0
  • Deposit fees: $0
  • Withdrawal fees: $0 (for the first withdrawal each month)


  1. I am a current client of TradeStation – how can I link my TradeStation platform to an Interactive Brokers account?
  • Please click on ‘open account’ and ‘new account’ in order to begin your new account opening process for this TradeStation Global and Interactive Brokers brokerage account. Your new account will be independent from your existing TradeStation (US) brokerage account.
  1. I am a current client of Interactive Brokers but would like access to the TradeStation platform.
  • In order to get access to the TradeStation platform you must click on ‘open an account’ and then click on ‘current IB client’. You must accept our Terms and Conditions and then contact your Interactive Brokers account representative to finalise the process.
  1. Can I run Trader Workstation and Interactive Broker Gateway at the same time?
  • Yes. You can run both applications on the same computer at the same time; however, you cannot be logged into both applications with the same user ID and establish a connection with the TradeStation Global platform. The TradeStation Global platform will only establish one connection with the first active connection that it detects with either the Trader Workstation or the Interactive Brokers Gateway. *Note: If you are signed up for the TradeStation-Interactive Brokers BETA program you should only be using the TWS Gateway.
  1. Does TradeStation Global allow bot trading?
  • Yes, it does allow bot trading through API trading tools.
  1. Does TradeStation Global give a bonus?
  • It does offer a £50 Amazon Gift Card if you refer a friend to open an account on TSG for you and your friend.
  1. Does TradeStation Global allow scalping and hedging?
  • Yes, it does.
  1. When trading forex, will you lose more than your initial deposit?
  • Yes, as TradeStation Global has no negative balance protection.

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